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What are PKG files?

The PKG file extension is used by more than one program or application, and depends on the computer, operating system and programs that you have downloaded or installed. In general, the PKG extension denotes a package file that contains an installation and executable files.

PKG files from PlayStation Store

PlayStation devices use PKG files for components installation purposes. They are usually encrypted and do not open on conventional computers, however, they open on the consoles for which they were designed. Just transferring the PKG file to the game console through your home network or using a USB flash drive or external hard drive is enough to install the downloaded game, movie or demo.

Apple PKG file installer

The Apple Mac OS X operating system uses files with the PKG extension to package and compress the files needed to install a specific program or application. The PKG file is similar to the MSI installation files used by computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system. If you have downloaded a program for your Apple Mac, the program installation files may be contained in a PKG file. To install the program from a PKG file, double-click on the file.

Symbian PKG files

Smartphones that use the Symbian operating system use SIS files to start and run applications on the platform. In some cases, the application developer packages the SIS files with instructions, information and command lines in a PKG file. You can open a PKG file and view the content on a Windows computer with the UnSIS, Easy SIS Creator and CreateSIS utilities. Although you can see the contents of the file on your computer, you can only install the application that contains the file on a smartphone with the Symbian operating system.


Computer viruses and malware can come with almost any file format extension. If you do not recognize a file, scan the file with antivirus software from your computer before viewing the contents or opening and installing the file. Most antivirus programs allow you to scan an individual file by right clicking and selecting the antivirus scan option from the context menu. Otherwise, open the file in the antivirus program to scan and check the content.

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