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PKG File Formats

The PKG extension refers mainly to installation files for the MacOS operating system. However, there are other operating systems and software packages that make use of this extension. We will list some of them below.

Automise Action Studio

This is a product included with Automise for free. It is a development environment to customize Automise. This provides a way to create a native solution to automate tasks and interact with programs that are not compatible with existing Automise actions.

Symbian OS

PKG files related to Symbian OS devices contain instructions in text format that are necessary to create a .SIS file, including common information for any installation package such as the provider's name, software dependencies and application files for copy.

PKG files in Symbian use the "makesis" command, which is part of the CreateSIS utility.


The well-known Sony video game console makes use of the PKG files for its software marketed on the network. In these files all the information required for the installation of the game or program in the video console is packaged.

Mac OS X installer

As we said at the beginning, the best known utility of PKG files is for the Mac OS X operating system, and it is used to package the programs that are going to be installed on those systems. Many experts argue that it is not necessary to package such programs, however, the PKG file facilitates the task of creating and / or modifying system records related to the software to be installed, and therefore the installation becomes more expedited.

CoCreate OneSpace Modeling Personal Edition (PE)

It is a free 3D CAD software. This software distinguishes itself from any other CAD system since it follows an approach based on dynamic modeling. The designs are packaged in a file with PKG extension.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft's quintessential programming suite also uses the PKG extension in a manner similar to the DLL extension. Learn how to Create and public Nuget packages in Visual Studio.

Microsim PCBoards

It is part of the electronic card design suit which is responsible for reading and opening PKG files containing the designs created by MicroSim.

Finally, it would be a mistake to type an extension for a single and exclusive use. The recommendation is to investigate with certainty the type of PKG file we have in hand to be able to open it and operate it without difficulties and, eventually, not to damage it.