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Are PKG files modifiable?

Because there are several types of PKG files, it is necessary to be clear about the purpose of modifying them. Most PKG files are based on scripts that have the information necessary for the user to operate on the contents of the package. Normally, modifications to a PKG file are limited to modifications of the script code.

In this article we will build on the PKG files related to the Sony PlayStation video game console. Basically we will use an example of a modification to a Sims game package for the PlayStation console. In all cases, the modifications refer to the characteristics of the game design, such as textures, environments, clothing, character names, etc. With some tools you can also create objects to include in the packages.

List of modification and object creation utilities:

  • TSR Workshop: this serves to create and modify textures, create types of clothes and supposedly in the future objects, also hairs, etc.
  • Delphy's Pattern Packager v1.3.1: for textures, but from MTS
  • ObjectTool V2: here are several programs under test that allow you to create packages to modify them, in the style of TSR Workshop.
  • Postal Package Editor (and API): This program shows packages and information about them. You can reformat pictures or objects and modify aspects of the packages.
  • TS3 STBL editor: you can change names of people, jobs, etc.
  • The Sims 3 Mod Generator: you can change aspects of the game, such as price of things, duration of time, etc.

A general tool that can be used to make changes to the game packages is the PS3 PKG Tools which allows you to package/unpack PKG files, encrypt/decrypt EBOOTS.INI, obtaining the specific program .elf file. All this through a "CMD" command console. Main Features:

  • Install MinGW, Msys, Msys DKT.
  • See the information of the PKG.
  • See the contents of the PKG.
  • Unpack PKG.
  • Decrypt EBOOT.INI (previously extracted from PKG).
  • Edit the file "working.elf" hexadecimally (previously extracted from the EBOOT.INI).
  • Encrypt the .elf file becoming the new EBOOT.INI.
  • Edit .SFO file (previously extracted from PKG).
  • Generate the PKG configuration file.
  • Package the game or application in a new PKG.

In general terms, the task of modifying a PKG file is simple, having the right tools at hand. However, special care must be taken with some types of software, for example, from MacOS which make modifications to the structure of the operating system. Improper handling can cause system failures.